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Ask Andrew anything via google search queries 2

April 14, 2009

I think it’s about time again for this segmant of Irr (Dis)G (or…maybe…I’m just too lazy to write a real article?) This is in continuation of the first article in the series, which I guess was a quarter ago, so I’ll answer the top search terms from this quarter.

So, shall we begin?

Q: mitt romney

Yeah, I hear that this dude is planning again to be the GOP nominee for President. And you know, he’s been trying to get more political stable now…*he* publicly denies that he’s chargin’ his laser, but…we all know what’s behind this face.

Mitt romney

Mitt romney

The interesting thing I was reading though…was that Mitt might not be the only one. Mormons seem to be becoming more and more audacious in the national political sphere, and it seems that a challenger approaches: Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. may also be a contender. From an LDS standpoint, Mitt Romney only went on a mission to France, while Jon Huntsman went to Taiwan. Now, I guess Chanson would disagree if she saw this, but Taiwan = 很有意思 (that’s very interesting). France = cliche et passe (you can tell my French lags strongly behind.) That’s almost as predictable as a mission to Chile or the Philippines…

Q: stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

Oh it is!

Blew your mind again, right?

Blew your mind again, right?

Q: “bloggernacle correlation”

Yes, go there. The address is .

Q: how a blackberry is used in church

Good question. Well, if you were me, you might put your scriptures on them. If you were a faithful member pre-latest General Conference, you’d furiously blog to share the gospel using the internet. But if you are current, up-to-the-date member, then you would know that you can’t google a testimony; you can’t text message faith. So, put those BlackBerries away.

Q: what makes accounting important to society

OK, dude, guys. This is serious. So, it turns out that humans are social beings. And when we are social, we communicate. When we communicate, we try to have shared meanings. This might be through spoken language, written language, mathematical symbols, etc., The richness and beauty of language, however, is in its flexibility. We can be sarcastic by merely changing a tone. Unfortunately, we can lie and deceive.

So, what happens when we need information to be complete, verified, accurate — like say, finances? Then, we must develop a system for reporting this financial information complete with watchguards (even if the particular people we choose to be watchguards don’t seem to be doing it right…oops!)

And that’s just one branch of accounting there.

Q: the story of mormon ridiculous

I could take this the nonpetty way, or…I could post an image.

This really is unfair

This really is unfair

I guess I’ll end it there. 😦 my blog search terms are so utterly unfunny.

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  1. My blog’s best-ever Google search queries: “which NASCAR drivers are circumcised?” and “Wookie scrotums.”

  2. now I’m extremely perturbed. Is there a list of such information about NASCAR drivers D:? I don’t even want to know.

  3. I checked out that bloggernacle correlation link and skimmed through a lot the posts. Kind of addictive.

    Reminded me that I really need to quit playing around with “the exiles” and “chatting up Evangelical babes online” and actually start posting at Nine Moons again.

  4. yes, you SHOULD start posting at nine moons again.

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