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I’ve got it…how to solve Times and Seasons’ problems.

April 13, 2009

As we now know from the tremendous fallout with Adam Greenwood (which interestingly enough had him posting a new article just two days after the explosion…), Times and Seasons’ problem was in not doing due diligence. They did not accurately check the backgrounds of their writers when they were hiring, and so dastardly people got in the midst.  And now that they’ve made their bed, they have to lie in it.

But how could they have prevented it? Simple: they should’ve conducted an examination.

This simple and direct examination would have clued them in on the orthodoxy (or lack thereof) of their permabloggers — after all, quizlets don’t lie.

My results were just a tad bit off; they got me as Sunstone instead of Evil Prince of Darkness, but whatev.



The critical point is…this poll does its job. With my scores, T&S would clearly know that I’m a heathen who does. not. belong.

-8 Orthodoxy, 5 LDS knowledge, -6 Cultural homogeneity

Mmm. mmm. mmm. Look at that. Negative 8 for orthodoxy? Egads. I’d never even make it past correlation with a -6 for cultural homogeneity.

You’re on the cutting edge of LDS progressivism. You believe scholarship and change would benefit the LDS Church, but you realize that your place in Mormonism is marginal.

LDS progressivism?! Change for the LDS church? Something about margins? That sounds like heresy and cafeteria Mormonism if I ever heard such a thing (or perhaps just Obama’s campaign dictionary).

If only T&S could’ve administered such a test to all of their permabloggers and outed the ne’er-do-wells!

Look at how many people have taken this quiz!

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  1. I definitely found the quiz helpful. I found out something about myself I never knew: that I am a Mormon (albeit a heterodox one)! Now I can be a heretic in two religions! So awesome!

  2. that’s downright ECUMENICAL of you, in fact.

  3. Crap. My results:

    Perfect Mormon
    6 Orthodoxy, 4 LDS knowledge, 7 Cultural homogeneity

    No! I won’t accept it! I won’t!


  5. I already wrote a case note for law review.

    Once was enough. I don’t want to blog that way.

  6. Just took the quiz, apparently I’m a “perfect mormon,” but my scores were 2,7,7. There were a few questions I didn’t answer at all because I couldn’t agree with any of them. Like caffeine–I don’t drink soda at all really, but it’s not really to avoid caffeine per se…

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