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The Relief Society: An offensive and not serious post

March 31, 2009
Relief Society

Relief Society

I used to wonder about the plight of women in the Mormon church. And I used to think…it sure is a great travesty that women don’t get the priesthood. What the heck is this relief society thing anyway? It’s no complete analogy to the priesthood, that’s for sure!

But then I realized…*egads*, the church is right. Social conservatism is right. Feminism is evil.

The Relief Society has it all right there — relief. Society. Women are relieved of all of the troubles of life so that big strong men can do all the work for them. This is the way things Should Be, obviously, because men are stronger and waaaay smarter. That’s why we have to counsel women to avoid stable careers on their own because although they (and the secular, godless world) think that women would actually be as successful or more successful than men at it, fortunately, us XYers know better.

Feminists want to destroy the order of things. How DARE women fight for equality, when we currently treat them much better than they deserve? While guys toil and struggle to win the bread for the family, we let women intermingle in RELIEF SOCIETIES! We open the door for them and give up our seats for them and the way they repay us is to say that we patronize them and take away their opportunities to be independent, rational humans. What do people want?!

Wow, I definitely don’t understand how peole tout this stuff full time.

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