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Oh no it’s a TRAP!

March 27, 2009

I don’t even know…

I was reading a few articles about people who got invited to various “interfaith dialogues” — whatever that is. And in just these few cases, these were cases of traps — where one party thought that it was going to be one thing and then prepared for that, but didn’t realize that it would be so much more than that.

I had that experience once…except it was a friend inviting me to his church. I probably should have seen it coming, since it was a Pentecostal church (not an allegedly neutral school activity) and they had some very weird ideas about meeting and greeting. I went because he was going to give some kind of sermon or lesson or whatever (and I said that I’d go if he’d come to some combined Young Men/Young Women’s activity at my church soon). Anyway, when I went, he did have a good sermon (I forget what it was about)…but AFTERWARD, I was taken to the backroom and interrogated on all the ways my Mormonism was of the devil.

I thought I had written about this before, but I guess not.

Anyway, I was mad. I demanded to be taken home (I had been picked up in a carpool) immediately, and I definitely caused a scene (I was…16 or so then, though…I don’t cause scenes now!)

It was terrible. And you know, times like those…


But that’s why I strongly believe that before people even *begin* to talk about their ideas or beliefs or whatever they are, they need to present themselves. In my case, my friend lost all credibility because his church had a terrible way of treating people. Basically, even if I were to decovert from Mormonism (oh snaps…here I am now), there’d be no way that I’d go to any of the churches that ostracized, belittled and “entrapped” me. I hear about ex-Mormons becoming antis…psh…I’d rather become anti-the guys who caused me all that pain.

Not only that, but then he refused to come to my event or even take a Book of Mormon! If this were a legal contract, I’d be filing suit!

Anyway, I find myself having the utmost contempt for people who would do this kind of thing, so I identify with the story of Blag Hag’s Jen. Are you kidding me, people? What makes you think that you can do this? Really, do you think God condones this? Please.

…Didn’t God nuke a city or two for this inhospitality like that? Or would people rather believe it was because people were gay?


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  1. For what it’s worth, not all Pentecostal churches are so inhospitable. When I invited a Mormon friend to church back in my Pentecostal days, the only way people made her feel uncomfortable was by hugging her too much!

    But yes, Pentecostalism can be quite confrontational, mostly because it conceives of the universe in terms of “spiritual warfare”– behind ever physical reality there is a spiritual reality, and that spiritual reality is either a black-hat or a white-hat, and the two sides are locked in a full-scale, inter-dimensional, thermo-nuclear (okay, maybe not thermo-nuclear) war.

    Having been raised in that worldview, I can say sincerely that it is more compelling from within than it sounds to an outsider. But as an outsider now, I can also see that such a worldview is polarizing and ultimately dangerous.

  2. I guess that’s of course the case, and I mean, it would be silly to try and generalize.

    but what I can generalize is that often, regardless of what we like or dislike about it, first impressions can and are set by other people.

    I definitely “picked up” as much about the spiritual warfare concept.

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