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Masters of Science…in Creationism?

March 19, 2009

First: A link from the Friendly Atheist about a Texas legislator who wants to allow private institutions to award Masters degrees in Science for Creationism studies.

The only thing I’d like to muse about is…what would happen if creationism got its “foot in the door” of American school curricula? I mean, there’s a lot of talk about different states wanting to change curriculum requirements or whatever, and there’s just as much analysis about whether these kinds of legislation will get anywhere.

But really…this is my question…what would happen to states that decide to make creationism a taught alternative to evolution? What would happen to the nation?

I mean, wouldn’t it be kinda sad to see the country sink even further in science ratings because our students can’t even learn the fundamentals about the way the world actually works? But in a kind of macabre way, if that’s the way some people want things to go (and they are willing to vote for legislators who will make that reality), is that what we deserve?

It’s kinda sad and frightening. But in the end…would these kinds of people care if America lost its scientific edge? Would they care what impact this had on the economy?

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  1. Some people simply don’t have a clue. This is wrong on SO many levels.

  2. You know, when our students can’t even find Canada on a map, the question of whether they are being taught creationism in addition to evolution is the least of our problems.

    Having a hard time caring on this one.

    But then, we homeschool our kids, so maybe we don’t have as much of a horse in this race.

  3. I dunno, Seth, I guess I’m biased more for science than geography (although, I guess it’s sick to say, but the war did a great job at getting people somewhat familiar with the Middle East).

    I guess it doesn’t help the homeschooling case when there are others who are homeschooling just to get away from those secular public schools.

  4. Canada was just an example. The problem with our schools is throughout the whole system and all disciplines. Reading, math, you name it.

    I still think that whether you toss in some creationist nonsense in there is the least of our educational problems.

    Religion didn’t have anything to do with our choice to homeschool. I chose homeschooling because I am of the opinion that public education sucks eggs.

    My wife isn’t so critical of public education, but liked other practical advantages of homeschooling. Neither of us gave two straws about religious education at public schools.

    I think this is common among Mormons. We figure we are doing a fine job at church and at home in covering religion and values. So we don’t feel the need to force government to do our jobs for us.

  5. I see your point: you were just bringing up an example of a more foundational flaw with the school system (so, creationism is just tinsel on the rotting christmas tree of dysfunctional schooling [i’ll have to remember that metaphor])

    And I wasn’t saying that religion had anything to do with your choice to homeschool. But doesn’t it bother you that legitimate homeschooling is brought down by association with crazy parents homeschooling for unjustified ideologies?

    I mean, so I can see that you have valid points to back up the fact that public education sucks eggs (I’m not too thrilled with it either), but it seems that the most vocal people pushing for change (as always seems to be the case when you are talking about vocal people…) are the ones who have whacked-out agendas?

  6. Cutting-edge folks are always weird. That’s true of most anything.

    Yes, I am embarrassed by the company in this area.

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