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LOL, Slumdog Millionaire

March 5, 2009

I had never had any interest whatsoever in Slumdog Millionaire until I had heard something from a friend the other day. I had forgotten about it until someone started talking about the movie again.

Hmm…I don’t really watch movies that much now. I don’t think I’ve seen a movie in months. I know I haven’t watched TV in months…I like to think this is a progressive step for me, but I replace it all with the internet (all my adoring fans on Irr (Dis)G! [ok, you guys aren’t the only ones])

Anyway, I can’t tell you anything about the movie, what it’s about, etc., because I still don’t know jack about it.

But what I can talk about is something so incredibly LOLworthy — how some of the child actors got shafted.

I guess I didn’t realize that the movie was about slums…or kids in slums…or whatever. And I guess I didn’t realize that the producers had actually gotten child actors from the slums to act in the movie.

But a friend told me the other day that apparently, two of the children who acted in the movie are still living in poverty. Ooops!

Now, I don’t know the full story, but basically, here’s what I’m saying…how are you going to take kids out of the slums, get them to the nice life (I assume actors still live nice lives these days, but with our tanking economy, who knows? Maybe big wigs and execs are being just a tad bit more fiscally conservative), and when you’re done say, “Back you go!”?

That just…sounds bad to me.

I guess I heard from someone else (and really, I’m doing minimal research on this…I’m not like this guy, who does incredible research on top of the research of pornography subscription in Utah) that the kids were getting a trust that could only be spent after they turned 18. So, I guess slums are for a few more years, but then things’ll be ok.

…I hope those trusts take advantage of time value of money.


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