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Abortion, Pro-choice, etc.,

March 3, 2009

Today, at my school, some pro-life organization (I guess the Aggies for Life) hosted a pro-life event. They got huge stands up (I though it was a concert from the size of the stage and stands), but then posted great posters of bloody aborted babies around with questioning phrases such as, “Humane?” or “Is this human?” or whatever.

And to the side, they had a voting booth for something only tenuously related. The booth’s question was: “Should graphic photos be used in public?”

I wish I had taken pictures…not because I want to show you really graphic pictures, but because it was a well-done event, I think…very professional grade. And also, my blog doesn’t have enough pictures.

But I don’t have pictures, and I guess I won’t scour the internet for stock shock pictures.

…not that abortion pictures are very shocking to me. I mean, really, it seems to me like that meme in TV shows where some guy eats something he really enjoys, but when he finds out what’s inside, he gets sick. That’s silly. You should be able to stomach the butchering process if you eat meat. You shouldn’t be able to stomach surgery and the abortion process (I guess it’s kinda insensitive to equate all of these).

…or…at the least, it’s kinda kinda Soylent Green-ish/Jonathan Swiftian.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…as a citizen of the internet, I have to be well-versed with pictures and videos much more terrible than a standard abortion. Don’t look up any of these, of course, but you’ve never seen anything until you’ve seen harlequin fetus, the pain olympics, 2girls1cup, 1guy1cup, 3guys1hammer (geez, that’ll make you lose faith in humanity…if it’s not already at negative).

But I digress. I want my blog to be a good, wholesome, G-ratable blog, and I reiterate, none of those things are G-rated. They are X-rated and will cause you psychological damage. And give your dog cancer!

Anyway, it got me thinking on my own ideas and positions. I’m not going to get all political and say that you should be pro-choice or pro-life or whatever, but when I meet pro-life people, I generally have to ask them a few questions.

Why are you prolife?

Should there be a punishment for a woman caught having an abortion? If so, what?

Should there be a punishment for the person who conducts the abortion? If so, what?

What is your position on welfare for single/teen mothers? What about current laws would you change?

What is your position on the current state of adoption? What would you change about it?

Do you believe committed gay couples should be allowed to adopt?

For example, if a person believes abortion to be murder, but then doesn’t support a punishment that they would normally expect for murder to the aborting mother (or perhaps the actual aborting agent, as some others pointed out), then that seems a bit suspect to me. I know that’s harsh, but hey…it’s just the position.

Or…if someone is pro-life, but then they don’t support measures to limit the amount of unwanted or unsustained children (whether it be birth control, welfare for mothers, making the adoption system more efficient and allowing people who want to adopt to do so [even those gay couples])…then that seems just a bit suspect to me.

I once had this guy who gave this absolutely draconian and uncompassionate set of answers, but at least he was consistent. He believed abortion was murder, the mother should be hospitalized for psychiatric wounds and the doctor should be tried for manslaughter or murder. He also believed birth control (other than abstinence only) should be propagated, gay couples should be allowed to adopt and adoption should be smoother. And as a coup de grace, he believed that those who went on welfare should be allowed to do so, but only if they accepted sterilization.


But at least it was consistent.

So often, I see people who rail against adoption AND sensible birth control AND welfare AND all of these things, so it seems that their pro-life position quickly becomes something of an anti-quality of life or of a pro-punishing the mother with her impropriety (although, the way many people talk about their pro-life positions as an upholding of accountability, perhaps they do see the child as constant reminder of the mother’s foolishness.


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  1. I wonder how the abortion protesters would feel if the other side started showing gruesome birth photos. Having sat through three that actually went well, I can tell you – it ain’t exactly pretty.

  2. I know I’ve never been phased by human babies going out. Everyone knows the human birth process sucks.

    but wow, I can say one thing…for how superiorly cute puppies are a few days after birth, those things look like the UGLY, placenta-encased things I’ve ever seen right out.

  3. unsignedmasterpiece permalink

    I liked your post.

    “making the adoption system more efficient and allowing people who want to adopt to do so [even those gay couples])”

    There are many of us who have given children up for adoption who would like to educate people about the trauma involved in that option for both mother and child. My guess is they would not let us any where near a school to express our views.

    I like that you are thoughtful and asking these questions and hope that you will also explore the websites of those of us who would advise any one who is considering adoption to think long and hard and learn from our experience.

    Unsigned masterpeice

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