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Virtual Organization of the Bloggernacle

February 27, 2009

(haha, I messed this up. I meant to schedule this for tonight, but I accidentally schedule it for a time in the *past* rather than in the *future*…so it sent out pings to all of my quoted articles and even though I retracted it, the pings linked straight to this post)

I’m sure that 99% of everyone haven’t even heard about this, but with then .000001% of the internet is this debate going on…who makes the “Bloggernacle” — the online presence of faithful Mormon bloggers? What is most important to being popular in the bloggernacle?

I think that the Bloggernacle is fascinating. It keeps me interested and (somewhat) read on LDS issues, and it’s often a different atmosphere than what you’d get from the home ward (which is very good, in my opinion).

I thought I had a good idea of the Bloggernacle too…To me, the Bloggernacle is any Mormon-centric blog that is from the faithful perspective. So, I’m not really Bloggernacle, but don’t fret, because I’m in Outer Blogness (the list of not-so-faithful Mormon bloggers)!

To me, a relative late-comer (I think I was first linked to Times and Seasons…in 2007?), I recognize that both Mormon Mommy Bloggers (obviously not comprehensive) and those monolithic group power bloggers (like By Common Consent, T&S, etc.,) are prominent, powerful, and influential. So, I wouldn’t understand someone who suggested that MMBs aren’t influential (how can Mormon Mommies not be influential in the Bloggernacle…the church kinda has a lot of Mormon mommies!) But at the same time, how can BCC, T&S, M*, Mormon Matters (and Mormon Mentality [this list isn’t comprehensive, so don’t be snubbed if I didn’t list you]) etc., not be influential. These guys were the original. They were the foundation..

…oh wait…according to this article, they weren’t?

Ok, so I’m not too well-versed in history of the bloggernacle (and I’m also too lazy to research), but it seemed to me, that the Bloggernacle really started with the others. Witness the tremendous explosion of comments.

And there seems to be another post (complete with veritable explosion of comments) at Nine Moons.

I really don’t know what to say here concerning the real issue other than what I’ve said: MMBlogs are very influential and popular, and it’s easy to see why. I think they should be part of the Bloggernacle, but face it…the Bloggernacle’s origins are specifically delineated to certain blogs like T&S. And of course, it’s somewhat butthurt to suggest that the big blogs are irrelevant now. I think it’s odd to do like what some commenters did and try to argue that the mommy blogs are better or worse based on reach, subscriptions, page views and pagerank or alexa rank. I mean…seriously, all of the big blogs have good alexa ranks.

But where I really find interest is how you can see this sociological structure building. This culture of relationships. So, it seems that certain Mormon Mommy Bloggers feel slighted by the big intellectual blogs (and one commenter even went to say that these blogs are too intellectual or liberal or groupthinkish whatever, causing damage).

I’ve read the idea of a hierarchy a few times, and it intrigues me. It intrigues me how people sense the different cultures and personalities of blogs. So there are comments like this:

I’d also like to speak up for mid-tier bloggernacle blogs like Nine Moons, Keepa, Juvenile Instructor, and, of course, A Motley Vision. If anyone doesn’t like the experience of T&S or BCC, there are other cool places to hang out.

So, it reminds me, actually, of my accounting recruiting process. You’ve got the Big 4 (and it’s expected that people will just go there…after all they’re the big 4!) But then you’ve got the rest of people who feel the Big 4 is inadequate, or has slighted them. So they go to Middle Market or industry, and praise the different atmospheres and personalities there. And eventually, prospective employees and interns have to decide for themselves which firm culture fits with them best. It’s all about the people, everyone will say.

What are some cultures of big blogs?

…I would consider myself a longtime member of the Bloggernacle community (since spring of 2004) and I can’t recollect a single instance in which a post or even comment that marginalized or was condescending to the Mormon mommy blog community. I can recall dozens that cursed the Mormon fiction community (Banner of Heaven!) hundreds that made fun of the Mormon intellectual community (T&S & BCC!) and thousands that talked down to the Mormon gray-area community (John Dehlin!), but not one that marginalized the Mormon mommy bloggers. If that has been happening then it surely hasn’t been from within the bloggernacle.

And in my latest article at Mormon Matters, I got a taste of someone who wasn’t really happy with the culture there.

Update:  Zelophehad’s Daughters has done a little bit of research mom blogs vs. Nacle blogs. P.S. I hate ergonomic keyboards


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