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Speaking of Mormon artists

February 21, 2009

So, everyone had to jump on the bandwagon of looking out for Stephenie Meyer with Twilight, (and unfortunately, it appeared that she wasn’t able to do so much for the church after all), but why don’t people seem to pay attention to other Mormons? I guess it’s because many of them are much more low-key, and even when you find out they are Mormon, you might not think they should be the ones to make Mormonism “cool.” Maybe they aren’t good enough role models. I knew that Brenden Urie of Panic at the Disco grew up Mormon, for example…but he fails muster because he’s distanced himself from the church. And I know that if I ever got in touch with musical side, the same fate would befall me (I wouldn’t want that kind of role model responsibility anyway).

But here are some people who (I assume) are still practicing, believing members…and why haven’t these guys spread like wildfire within the church, I wonder?1)

David Archuleta

David Archuleta

I for one, think it’s sad that David Archuleta was the closest (oops, not closet) Mormon to get a lot of buzz in recent times from being a Mormon singer. But perhaps I’m biased because I don’t watch American Idol. So, I don’t know if Archuleta is a “good” Mormon or if he would be a good role model for finding out about Mormons from a TV program.


The MC Bat Commander

The MC Bat Commander

I will say something — but for Wikipedia, I never knew that the MC Bat Commander — Christian Richards Jacobs of the Aquabats, was LDS . I don’t know if that’s a good thing for the church or not, although I guess I have a Mormon friend who just *loves* Yo Gabba Gabba, the Nick Jr. kids’ TV created by the Aquabats. Quite frankly, I am scared out of my mind.


Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight

I guess it’s been…wow, 12 years? since Gladys Knight’s conversion in 1997 (don’t ask me to do math, ohhh), but it always seemed to me that Gladys Knight has some great opportunity in the church. I mean, some people think church music is boring. Some people think the modern church is still racist. And with Ms. Knight, you can kill two birds with one stone! She’s even started that Saints Unified Voices project, so I’d like to think that one of these days, she’ll be officially allowed to get her hands on what goes into the Hymnals.


Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers

Ok, I admit, I have a bone to pick with Brandon Flowers and the Killers. See…my brother has these guys set as his alarm clock and as cell phone ringer…but he never wakes up to them. But he has it set on the highest setting, so EVERY morning (when I’m at home and not at college), I becomely intimately aware with this guys’ voice.


Anyway, so I was shocked to realize that Brandon Flowers is Mormon…of course then again, since he is very annoying (IMO), I guess I should’ve seen it coming.

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  1. Ooh, what about Jon Heder?

  2. Rodrigo permalink

    “Closet Mormon”? Are you even Mormon?

    Anyway, here’s David Archuleta still “practicing” two weeks ago, despite his fame and crazy schedule:

    And he’s the best role model you can get. Not only for a Mormon, but for a human being.

    Geez… I just sounded like one of those overzealous female fans, which I’m not.

    Anyway, thanks for your time.

  3. Hopping on from BCC…Good post.

    Since you don’t watch AI I will fill you in on the “average Mormon Housewife” opinion: Archuleta was a perfect archetype of the squeaky-clean Mormon kid who even got a “good luck” poster from his Seminary Class. Also Brooke White did well on Idol and people loved her “I don’t watch rated-R movies” deal.

    This season they highlighted Salt Lake City and referred to it as a place full of “Shiny Happy People” (nevermind the rate of depression) and the Osmonds got a re-up.

    It seems that being human v. dancer is as cool as an association as we are going to get because all the rest of the “pop” culture types are either inactive or Vocal Point/Sons of Provo types. So… the sickly sweetness of Twilight is, again, the association we will continually get. Card is cool but again, crosses over to the darkside a bit in some of his stuff so if you hope for cool, you have to deal with the tainted image of Hollywood.

  4. re Rodrigo:

    Oops, sorry Rodrigo, I meant to put “closest,” not closet! Thanks for the comment — thanks for the link especially!

  5. Re Michelle:

    Jon Heder still leaves a terrible aftertaste in my mouth, but I guess I did kinda only focus on a few *singers* when there are many artists in other fields (movies, etc.,)

    Re Lee Fleming:

    Good point on Brooke White too. I guess in general, the church got some good buzz after all. I mean, in the past, I guess you’re right — you’ve gotten lots of inactive/bad boy/ex-/etc., representatives (I’m looking at The Real World…)

  6. I had no idea Stephanie Meyer was Mormon!

    My favorite Mormon celebrity is Orson Scott Card. His books are amazing. Of course, even his “non-Mormon” books end up being Mormon allegories or based on Mormon metaphysics, so that’s a little annoying for someone as aware of it as I am. But he’s still my favorite author.

  7. i’d like Orson Scott Card if he stuck to the sci-fi and didn’t try to make political diatribes.

    but he does.

    and they are veritably terrible.

  8. Haha! Yeah, I’ll grant that Empire was pretty lame. But then, every writer is off-base once in a while.

  9. Anon E. Mouse permalink

    What is good about Stephanie Meyers is she goes to church, pays tithing, teaches sunday school, attends the Temple often and so forth. In short , active. A Mormon’s Mormon. Many celebrities were L.D.S. but a taste of super-success turns them into hollow superficial Mormons. Same for Ken Jenings jepordy sensation. He also is a true blue died in the wool full blooded grade A Mormon… and a Sunday school teacher as well. Trivia question for Ken Jenings: What L.D.S. author has a chance to sell more copies of her books than the Book Of Mormon? Anser: At 70 million copies in print Stephanie Meyers is already half way to exeeding the number of Book Of Mormons in print at 140 million. Ofcourse in the long run, fifty years or so, the Book Of Mormon will retake it’s lead. It’s the nature of religous books,…the number of Korans that have been printed are close to 1 billion. Ironicly, in a Phoenix newspaper interview Stephanie Meyers states that the werewolves in her Twilight book were modeled in part after the sons of Heliman. So one way of the other the Book Of Mormon gets promoted.

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