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Christianists are bad. Good thing Mormons aren’t a part of them.

February 18, 2009

So, I was reading this post about “Christianism and the Gay Marriage Debate” and I suspected just a little bit that “Christianism” or “Christianist” might be used in a negative connotation. And I’m too lazy to find all of Andrew Sullivan’s uses of the term in negative connotation (so maybe his use is more nuanced.)

Anyway, I was proud to say…Mormonism does not fit under the Christianist banner!


Oh wait…no. False alarm. Mormonism doesn’t fit under that politically active, fundamentalist, evangelical movement because…of course, Mormons are not Christian. Oh! As E.D. Kain at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen elaborates:

Regarding Andrew’s post about the full-page anti-gay-marriage ad run in the Salt Lake Tribune, I find I am once again conflicted over the use of the term “Christianist.”  While I do think it rightly applies to many in the politically active fundamentalist, evangelical movement, and certain factions within the Catholic Church, can it really be applied to Mormons?  Mormons are not, by any definition of the word, Christian, so can they truly be labeled Christianists?  I think this an example of labels taking precedence over substance. Do we risk muddying up our own causes when we paint with such broad strokes as to wholly mislabel a group of people that justifiably deserve our criticism?

Oh, I was about to be flattered. (My tongue is far in cheek).

But Kain posts his reasoning here. I’m not necessarily going to argue for or against his points; it pays homage to the late Richard Neuhaus when it raises that Mormonism sprung from Christian tradition, but has strayed from it in several distinct and betraying ways (but when he equates monolatry or henotheism with polytheism…yeah, that’s my sign to exit, stage left.)

I guess I’ve seen my share of posts saying multiple things, but I’m too lazy to find links for all of them. First is the idea that Mormons should fight to secure a definition of themselves as Christian. Second is the idea that it doesn’t matter if others don’t view us as Christian (even if we really are and everyone who’s not a doo-doo head knows it). And of course, there’s yet another idea that we shouldn’t care if no one views us as Christian and we should just capitalize on our unique nature.

Who knows what’s the best way to pursue? Whichever way you go, someone’s going to start foaming at the mouth…

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  1. Dude you got some serious prejudice issues. Seriously why you have to be like that ? We never hurt you. And your religion is a cult or something. As Christians we are tought to love our enemies which some still don’t understand.

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