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Tee hee, and now for a temporary traffic boost.

January 31, 2009

So, I was updating all of my articles to follow the teaser format.See, you had to click a “read more” link to get this far, right? That means I’ve succesfully implemented the teaser (this is really exciting for me, since I’ve gone months without even knowing how to do this)…now to figure out how to allow people to subscribe to comments after they post a comment (I love this feature on certain other blogs…and my blog sends me notification of new comments just for me, but I guess it would be good allowing anyone to have a check mark box if they want email notifications of new comments in general.

Well, as I’ve manually updated each of my articles, it has done the most interesting thing: it has resent all of my pingbacks. So now I’m getting renewed traffice from all of the pingbacks I’ve ever had before…I guess this is a pretty sweet deal.

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