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Bloggy stuff, and a word from Irr(Dis)G’s sponsor!

January 29, 2009

So, I just updated some things around the blog…you will notice, for example, that now, my main page doesn’t show the entire blog entry in one fell swoop…so if you want to read the rest of the article, you’ll have to click the “Read more” link.

Yeah, I’m so special, I just learned how to do that (and honestly, it took me involvements with four blogs to do it. I’ve never done it here before, I’ve never done it at my old blog, others did it for me at Main Street Plaza, but I finally learned how to do it at Mormon Matters.)

I hope that mass updating hasn’t broken anything (now, you will realize that I didn’t update all of my entries with this teaser function, because I was too lazy to go through all 71 — count them — published entries), but I don’t know if it’ll break RSS or your email notifications or whatever. (Wait, do I even have RSS? I don’t think I know how to do that?).

I guess I’d just like to muse now (I am that sponsor that I wrote about in the title, see?)…this blog has been really fun for me. As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, blogging has gotten me re-interested in the LDS church (although I guess my bishop would rather have church get me more interested in church), and I just think there’s always good stuff to talk about from the Bloggernacle or Outer Blogness (too bad this doesn’t quite make me any more of a believer, right?). I’ve got quite a few ideas circulating around…I don’t even have time to talk about them all (I have, in fact, a queue, of articles…and yet I still find time to write junk articles like this.)

My traffic numbers tell me I should be modest, and so also my Alexa rank, but I guess I have a decent following (although, if my poll’s results are any indication, the makeup of my following probably suggests that I should be careful not to alienate some of my readers). I sometimes wonder if I’m in too small a niche, but I think I have enough to write about, even if traffic isn’t the best yet (I’m no maven at advertising and cross-linking, I guess).

My articles have been getting feedback, which I love. Please feel free to comment, even if sometimes I don’t get back to everyone. In fact, to test, I’ll ask you (shadowy, gentle readers)…what would you like to hear about from me (oh wow, that makes me sound like presumptuous…as if people want to hear from me!)? What are articles from other blogs you like (maybe you want to promote an article of your own…and maybe I’ll put my spin on it)? What are articles from here you like…what do you dislike, etc.,?

I probably should get a life beyond blogging. I say this as I get more serious and active in my involvements offline…networking for my major and future internship, fencing and training, learning Chinese, but somehow, I still find time to update every day or so…


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  1. As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere, blogging has gotten me re-interested in the LDS church

    Haha, me too. I’d hardly given Mormonism a second thought for years… and then I discovered the Internet. Now I’m hard pressed to think of anything more entertaining than the Bloggernacle. 😉

  2. …what would you like to hear about from me (oh wow, that makes me sound like presumptuous…as if people want to hear from me!)?

    Oh…you also noticed that blogging turns you into a narcissist? I remember the day that happened for me. *sigh*

  3. The best thing about Mormonism is the people who left it for truth and personal integrity. Celebrating ex-Mormonism is a good thing.

  4. sideon, I have to say I agree (well I guess that’s obvious, or else I wouldn’t be in the position I’m at!)

    However, it still baffles me how certain members are still sure that my nonbelief will lead to my certain ruination. Egads — only addiction, suicide, family-less-ness await us wretched ex-mormons!

  5. It’s hard to understand those who think that exmormonism leads to ruination and instant hell.

    My life is thousands of times much better since I left Mormonism. Pardon the poor metaphor, but it’s like Sting going back to the Police, or Diana Ross going back to the Supremes. Not gonna happen.

    Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

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