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BlackBerry to Windows Mobile; Milk before Meat

January 22, 2009

…I’m sorry and I feel bad because this post is super outdated. But you know; Irr(D)G has a queue of like…7 or 9 posts that are ready to get published at any time now. I’m like…totally on a roll with these readymade posts. (cough cough please update your blogs other bloggers even though you have lives and I don’t ^_^)…

Over the holiday season, I got into the Christmas spirit. And you know what? It didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It was stressful as heck. Trying to find the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really know what they want is terrible. People should submit lists of exactly what they want. Or ask for money.

Now, I’m sure lots of people believe in homemade and sentimental gifts but…I’m not even going there. And don’t get me started on ‘surprise’ gifts. You don’t know me and you can’t make me happy with a surprise. Just give me the money. (gift cards don’t count.)

…ANYWAY, over the holiday season, as a present to my parents and family, I offered to broker a restructuring of their phone plan (I’ve been waiting to use ‘broker’ all day!). Their phones are several years old and dying (none of them hold a charge and must be plugged in constantly to work), and their plan isn’t legacy, so they wanted to move up to smartphones, data, and the era of instant email.

I had never used a BlackBerry, but I always heard good things about them. They are apparently very easy to use, they “just work” (that should be trademarked if it isn’t), they have good keyboards, and they are great for emailing.

So, I got my mom, dad, and brother Curves. Or rather, I didn’t, but I arranged for them to get it with their own money (whaaat? I’m a po’ college student)

The BlackBerry Curve

The BlackBerry Curve

Now, if you look at this picture, you might think, like I did, that this’ll be a nice and spacious phone. I’m used to big keyboards, of course.

Well, when they came (and they did come rather quickly), we were amazed because they were so tiny. (I have a really terrible ability at guesstimating sizes…when I first got a microSD card…holy carp!) But everyone was too busy honeymooning. I got to spend a little time setting everyone’s stuff up (because my parents apparently have no rhyme or reason when it comes to putting contacts into phones — instead of giving each person his own contact and unifying all of the different phone numbers and email addresses in that one contact, they had multiple entries), and I found some things that I thought were limitations of the phone, and other things that were limitations of the carrier (shame on Sprint for not having MMS with their BBs…we laughed at the iPhone for this a while ago!)

But, as with all honeymoons, they come to an end soon. My dad was extremely happy with his BB, and so was my brother…but my mom (and I agree with her) could never get over the fact that the keys are just so tiny. To be honest, I felt betrayed by the thousands of BlackBerry fanatics who all were so enamored of the excellent keyboard. I like my AT&T Tilt’s keyboard better.

And so I thought…why not recommend that my mom get an HTC Touch Pro?

HTC Touch Pro

HTC Touch Pro

The HTC Touch Pro was out of stock though, so a couple of weeks passed. Over time, I realized that even though I liked the Touch Pro (it is the ‘child’ of my Tilt, after all)…Windows Mobile most certainly isn’t for everyone. Even I have had to scramble around to make my Tilt play catchup with my brother, mother, and father’s BBs. And surely, WinMo can do a lot of things if you are good at configuring and playing around, but it doesn’t “just work,” and my mom, who thought BlackBerries were too complicated to set up, would not have the patience to appreciate WinMo.

So, in relating technology to the gospel (I have to do that with all of these posts, you know), I thought about the dear old church. Sometimes — a lot of times — the church lessons can seem just so basic. You never really learn anything new until you reach certain milestones (like moving up from Young Men to Elder’s Quorum). The church likes to say you have to learn “line upon line, precept upon precept” or that you must have milk before meat, but I can’t help but feel like the church is purposefully engineering a package for the majority of the members, when the doctrine is actually much deeper (for better and for worse, as it can destroy a testimony.)

BlackBerry, I think, represents the church’s way of doing things in this scenario. And to be honest, like RIM, the Mormon church is no slouch. People love BlackBerries. People ‘know’ the church is true. And even though RIM doesn’t allow people to dig deeply into its OS, it still “just works” and is arguably more successful for this decision, so no one cares about having certain limitations, because really, this thing is central to their lives as it is.


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