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Ask Andrew anything via google search queries

January 12, 2009

Man, I wish I were as cool as Chanson, with such imaginative google search queries, but unfortunately, my blog just gets relatively ho-hum stuff. But I will try and do my best to answer real, unaltered search queries to Irresistible (Dis)grace:

Q: stephenie meyer jewish

A: Stephenie Meyer, if you remember her as the author of the best-selling Twilight vampire series, is…not Jewish. She’s Mormon. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She, of course, doesn’t bring attention to herself like that…She thinks it’s “funny that it’s still a story…because you don’t hear people saying ‘Jon Stewart, Jewish writer‘”. As for ethnicity…uhh…who knows?

Q: mitt romney

A: Mitt Romney, if you remember him as the guy (one of many the guys, actually) who ran for the Republican party’s 2008 candidate for president and lost, is Mormon. What a coincidence! The blog Times and Seasons voted Romney Mormon of the Year. So, I guess that might be consolation prize.

Q: mormon church boring

A: uhh…>_> it depends. See, Mormon church is professional. Whereas you see a lot of churches engaging in a lot of zest and excitement, the average LDS service is generally downplayed. Not to say it’s…sombre…but there’s an emphasis on reverence. So, inevitably, some people are going to think it to be boring. Because members are encouraged to attend meetings regularly (and church lasts for three hours not to mention other meetings throughout the week), I guess all of these factors exacerbate the snooze factor.

Q: verizon symbol

A: Here you go!

Verizon Symbol

Verizon Symbol

Q: stephenie meyer jew/ stephenie meyer byu jew/ stephenie teacher byu/ stephenie meyer jew/ is stephenie meyer jewish?/ stephenie meyer prop 8/ stephenie meyer, jews/ etc.,

A: uh…see number 1. She went to BYU, but not as a Jew. I don’t think she’ s ever taught there. I don’t know if she supported prop 8 — she’s from Arizona, not California. I don’t know if she supported Prop 102.

Q: your name must be grace because you’re i

A: :3 Awwwww! A calvinist pickup line. “Your name must be grace because you’re irresistible!” That makes my blog title feel kinda bad.

Q: neuhaus mormon

A: You may remember Richard Neuhaus for his First Things, or because he recently died. This Luthern pastor who became a Catholic priest ultimately came to the conclusion, as disappointing for many Mormons as it was, that Mormons reject some major parts of Christianity, making themselves an independent religion — but perhaps one day can be reconciled with historical Christianity.

Q: just leave lds

A: If you want to “just leave” the LDS church, all you need do is stop attending. Of course, then your name will still be on all the roster and people will contact you if they can find you. If you want to be on a Do Not Contact list, then people won’t contact you as often. If you want your name stricken from the records, then there is a resignation method. If you want to stay despite a shake in your testimony, then other people who are not me are much better at showing how to do that. And if you’re trying to go for that quote about those who “leave the church but can’t leave it alone,” I ask if you could leave something which formed a significant part of your life (even if you came to disagree/disbelieve it).

There were more for the past week, but I’m too lazy. I guess you’ll just have to find answers to your questions elsewhere!

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