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Ugh, irreligious people

January 6, 2009

Irreligious people, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and deconverts to the church get on my nerve!

I mean, I value everyone’s right to have an opinion, but simply not believing in God does not make him not exist. Clearly, all of the evidence of his love cannot be wiped away by one’s pride. I find it particularly perplexing when atheists try to write off all the true feelings of God that they’ve felt in their lives, or even worse, when they try and lie and say that they’ve never felt anything!

Ex-mormons, atheists, and irreligious people of all stripes have pride in spade. Instead of submitting their will to God — even if the workings of God and the words of his prophets seem somewhat strange because the natural man is an enemy to God and so it would OF COURSE make sense that his ways seem very unnatural to our unregenerate ears — they start rationalizing their sin. They rationalize that there is no reason to believe and that faith is a copout. They rationalize that the Bible is circular reasoning instead of just realizing that with faith, it is so clear and simple to live one’s life — and the Bible produces results, whereas Richard Dawkins can’t tell you a good, time-tested way of how to live.

Look at that smug sense of self-satisfaction

Look at that smug sense of self-satisfaction

Not only that, but they just can’t leave it alone. I’ve never gotten people who write bad reviews for products on the producer’s website, or people who protest in the place of their discontent — do these people really think they can make a difference? Really, we don’t care if you leave the church — you can’t stop the rest of us from following the truth from your whining! Why would you try to prevent people with something good in their lives from having it? Why would you reduce religion to guilt and war and indoctrination, when clearly this is what God wants and you just can’t accept it!?

That’s the most annoying thing about those irreligious people. They can’t *just* live their lives and instead have to parade on people whose lives are happy. They incessantly try to show that their lives are just as good as faithful members’ even though everyone knows that wickedness never was happiness. And then they try to press their godlessness on everyone else through restrictive laws, through education, and through the media. They have infiltrated our government and even though they claim that a candidate could never get elected if he were a self-proclaimed atheist, it is clear that they have infiltrated as wannabe Christians.

Worst of all — the best thing they can do is blog about it. They seem to only meet in secret combinations in the various dark alleyways of the internet. However, even if this is so, they have also infiltrated all of the mass media. They are just so good at hiding.

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  1. Yeah and secularizing Christmas! After all the time and effort we spent de-pagenizing it. Now they’ve reduced it to a simple celebration of friends and family. Disgusting.

  2. “They can’t *just* live their lives and instead have to parade on people whose lives are happy.”

    Being devil’s advocate for a sec here…most of the folks I’ve talked to of late that antagonize the LDS Church feel EXACTLY the same way about religious people: They feel we are raining on their parade and can’t *just* leave them be.

    I think they have a valid case. It doesn’t change the rightness or the wrongness of my actions in the first place, but I think they have a case.

  3. …I…didn’t make this entry tongue-in-cheek enough?

  4. haha! It did come off as pretty tongue-in-cheek, but I wasn’t entirely sure until I read your comment. 😉

  5. I think the problem was that I sort of skipped over the last couple paragraphs… it would have been pretty obvious, had I read those more carefully.

  6. I think it’s equal opportunity though — most of the comments can apply to everyone in numerous ways.

  7. To be honest, I read through sections of it multiple times and couldn’t decide on your tone. I thought it seemed an odd post, but being fairly new to your style, I went with the way that (clearly) makes me look like an idiot.

    Lesson learned.

  8. awww, don’t be so down on yourself. I was pretty spastic when writing, trying to poke at quite a few things.

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