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A Busy Main Street Plaza

December 7, 2008
Main Street, SLC

Main Street, SLC

Group blogs are fun. Even though Irresistible (Dis)Grace is a solo blog, the reason I got back into blogging was because of what I read of group Bloggernacle and Outer Darkness blogs…it made me feel invigorated by LDS culture once again to see people intelligently discussing the issues of doctrine and religion.

Group blogs have their own personalities of course. Of course Bloggernacle blogs tend to be more supportive of the church, but even that has a wide degree of leverage…is a blog fiercely conservative and staunchly rooted to orthodoxy? Or does it accept apologetics and alternative views but with a firm foundation in belief? Or is the blog more liberal in thought and more liberal in doctrine, but still on the believing side?

And with Outer Blogness blogs…is the blog just doubtful and questioning? Is it angry, attempting to refute and rebut? Is it neutral, more settled, but nonbelieving?

I like the Main Street Plaza, because it’s not too angry. There are some passionate posts, yes, but this is just a chill place for people to talk about issues that would be relevant to Cultural Mormons — people who may not believe, but who still are a part of the community. It meshes well with what I like to write about (although maybe I’m sometimes more supportive and maybe other times I’m more critical.)

So, that is why I’ve decided, and CHanson has convinced me, to write a few articles over there occasionally. It’s good to have a community.

I’ll still be maintaining Irrestible (Dis)Grace so don’t fear! But, now, for example, I’ll occasionally link to a post of mine over there instead of posting it here. Like today. Today my first article is posted: Read up about Scripture Fights and Bible Bashing today if you’ve ever wondered about the competing apologetics of different religion. And in the comments, ask yourself this: what should be the role of religious apologetics? Is there a distinction between good apologetics and bad apologetics? Do apologetics that attempt to prove and disprove fit either category?

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  1. I like Main Street Plaza too. It’s just that I can’t get the darn website to load on my two computers anymore. Unwilling to wait 15 minutes to make a response, I just gave up.


  2. That is interesting indeed…it might be a problem that Hellmut can fix on his side (although I haven’t seen problems in the past with MSP…)

  3. Hellmut knows about it. Apparently it’s stumping him.

    Maybe I can cart out my ancient Celeron powered desktop from storage and see if the website works there. It might be a problem on my end…

  4. Great discussion!!!

  5. yeah, C, with such a vibrant discussion over there I actually considered moving more of my posts in the future to MSP and using I(D)G for odds and ends.

    but that’s off the record!

  6. You have some excellent content and a compelling writing style – keep up the great work!

  7. I definitely think we had some nice back-and-forth, without it descending into a circle jerk.

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