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Why Mitt Romney got Romney’d in the Election

November 27, 2008

OK, OK, the Republican primary is old news. It’s even older news than Prop 8 is now. After all, we got through the primaries and we even got through the election. We have our first black President, and people don’t know what to think about that.

But let’s not forget the past. Why did so many Americans dislike this face?

Presidential enough for me

Presidential enough for me

Now, some conservatives had concern that he wasn’t socially conservative enough…after all, he is governor of Massachusetts, which is actually so liberal that they still have gay marriage (California, on the other hand, loses its title of whacked out hyper liberal state. Sorry CA, better luck soon!) He’s had a shaky position on abortion, so people don’t like that.

But…I think these reasons are kinda silly. After all, they picked John Mccain instead…the same John Mccain who, up until this campaign, was a known maverick. I think a more compelling reason that Romney sunk is because the church still has some bad press.

As with Kennedy before, we had some guy who we didn’t know was One of Us. Especially since Evangelicals are certain that Mormons are not Christians. So, where would Romney’s allegiance lies? The church? The Pope Prophet — that fatcat in Rome Salt Lake? Kennedy was able to convince a mostly Protestant America that he would put America and good looks and Marilyn Monroe first. And the Catholic church helped, public opinion-wise, but not appearing to be a domineering organization bent on changing the way Americans live their lives.

And…what of the Mormon church?

This Americablog entry (which is not sympathetic to the church, I admit — I don’t even know where they got the Jesus-married-his-mom thing from…even *I* haven’t seen that one yet) raises an interesting point:

When your biggest negatives are that people think you’re pushy, rich, secretive, weird, and hell-bent on imposing your seemingly-cultish way of life on them, the last thing you should do is use gobs of money to force your views on millions of others.

And then...a commenter adds:

That’s not the half of it, John. The other half is this: If Mormons would use the political process and the government gun to impose their religious beliefs in CA, would a Mormon office holder do likewise, even if he claimed he would not? Given the evidence, he could not be trusted in this regard.

While LDS politicians would enjoy to run as their own people, they really do carry the weight of the church, the church’s legacy, and the church’s contemporary actions. And…quite frankly, actions like the Zerg Rush in California don’t do well to comfort Americans into thinking that church members are able to separate their absolute trust and obedience to The Brethren with daily life.

Some members voted for Romney just because he’s Mormon…and whie some rationalized, “It’s not that he’s LDS…it’s that he happens to agree with my values because he’s LDS,” these are similarly dangerous mentalities.

But if LDS people will vote for an LDS politician because he shares their beliefs and values, then isn’t it obviously that nonLDS people will not vote for a Mormon politician precisely because he does not share their beliefs and values? Even though people like James Dobson of Focus on the Family have thanked Mormons for their contributions to Prop 8, I’ve heard nothing to suggest that Dobson has rescinded his views of Mormons as cultists.

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  1. twoblogright permalink


    Americans were lectured by the objective and unbiased media about the absolute imperative to vote for Brack Obama to ensure the election of our first African-American President.

    Set aside the obvious racial double standard for a moment to consider the intellectual dishonesty of insisting that we vote for one individual because of his race and culture while castigating another group for voting along religious lines. Barack Obama has openly stated his intention to implement policies which align with his beliefs about about Black Liberation Theology and Social Justice.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  2. aahhhhh, now I’m going to remind everyone that this blog is not necessarily about being on the left or on the right. Or agreeing with who’s president or who’s not president. So I’m not necessarily going to delete/disapprove this message.

    But the media didn’t say, “Vote for Barack Obama because he’s black.” They said, “It is historic that we have a black presidential candidate for a major political party that has gotten so far.” In a similar vein, they said the same thing for Romney, “It is historic that we have a Mormon candidate running for office that is so close to the Republican nomination.” If Romney had become the nominee, there would’ve been just as much talk to do about that. But people wouldn’t be saying “vote for romney just because he’s mormon and that’s new.”

    Secondly, it wasn’t the media who chastised people not voting for romney, wasn’t the media who chastised people voting for prop 8 based on religious lines, wasn’t the media who said “vote for obama because he’s black”. So this entire line about “intellectual dishonesty of insisting that we vote for one individual because of his race and culture while castigating another group for voting along religious lines” reveals the silliness of the entire post…it makes *no sense* in terms of reality. And that’s *even* before getting on to your comments about Black Liberation Theology and Social Justice (which btw, our so-called media that was racistly going for Obama, or *so you say*, actually made sure to always try to bring up with the Reverend Wright issue even though it’s just as unfounded)

  3. “the Zerg Rush in California”? LOL!

    I liked your reply to the last commenter. People on both sides of the fence love to put things in the media’s mouth and talk about this or that media conspiracy, but I find that such generalizations usually are not borne out by reality.

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