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Aiming for people’s hearts and hitting their stomachs

November 23, 2008

Upton Sinclair was actually kinda disturbed by the reaction to his “The Jungle.” As he puts it, he was “aiming for the public’s heart”…but as anyone will recognize now, he hit “the stomach” instead.

I guess people don’t care much about the plight of fellow human beings in destitute conditions, but they do care when it gets in the meat. Soylent green wasn’t a good idea even way back at the turn of the 20th century.

Maybe it was still good for him that he hit the stomach of America. After all, now he is part of classic American literature. English teachers across the country assign The Jungle as a book that highlights the particular situation that American business was at around that time.

So…if we accept our dear Stephenie Meyer, maybe we should analyze: where do we want her to aim and where is she aiming?

Well…we want her to aim for Mormon literature! And can she do it?

Well, a recent search for my blog has the answer:

We aimed for a Mormon author, and got another Jewish one.

stephenie meyer is she jewish

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